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Which Light Bulbs Are Best for Your Business?

Which Light Bulbs Are Best for Your Business?

Lighting is one of those rare business duties where if you do it properly, nobody really notices. It’s easy to spot dim, flickering lights that fail to illuminate an area. You may not think about lighting when designing your space, but knowing which light bulbs are best for your business can make your establishment more comfortable.

Halogen Lights

Many people consider halogen lights as an improvement over traditional incandescent bulbs. Most halogen bulbs are bright white in color and offer crisp lighting that helps keep things clear. Some of the most common businesses that benefit from halogen bulbs are photography studios, art galleries, or other places where visual experience is crucial. The heat resistance that halogen lights provide also means that they work well for outdoor displays.

LED Lights

LED lights are some of the most common options in commercial and residential areas. LED bulbs don’t use much power, making them environmentally friendly. They have incredibly long life spans and provide a cool, comfortable light that reduces eye strain.

LED lights come in a wide range of brightness and color ratings that make it easy to understand what type of atmosphere they’re going to create. The only downside with LED bulbs is that they require a higher initial investment and are one of the more expensive options. However, the average electricity bill savings coupled with their long lifespan make them a good choice in the long run.

CFL Lights

CFLs, or compact fluorescent lights, are beneficial for retail spaces but may not be the ideal choice when determining which light bulbs are best for your business. CFL lights are smaller versions of the long fluorescent bulbs utilized by department stores. They offer a comforting glow and don’t raise utility bills too much. However, one of the downsides with CFLs or any fluorescent bulb is that they contain mercury. Business owners need to take extra care when changing or disposing of CFL lights to avoid any potential environmental hazards.

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