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3 Common Domestic Shipping Mistakes To Avoid

3 Common Domestic Shipping Mistakes To Avoid

Running an efficient shipping operation requires more than tossing goods in a box and putting them on a plane. Improper planning can lead to simple mistakes that cause your operation to become a mess instead of a thriving business. Plan accordingly by reading these common domestic shipping mistakes to avoid. As common as these mistakes may be, you shouldn’t let them hold you back when transporting goods around the United States.

Miscommunicating Freight Weight

Weighing freight may seem simple, but it can cause problems when improperly executed. Not having the right equipment for weighing freight can result in inaccurate calculations, so work with your shipping logistics team about securing proper weighing equipment.

Freight weight is not something you should guess or even roughly estimate for various reasons. First, overestimating your shipment weight will result in a higher price than necessary. In addition, marking the weight lower than what it is will complicate the process of loading shipments onto vehicles. Planes, ships, and other vehicles in the shipping industry have maximum weight capacities. In order to correctly distribute weight in the vehicle, your calculations must be precise.

Mistaking Cheap for Cost-Effective

Being cost-effective is always a smart business strategy, but that doesn’t mean you should always go with the cheapest solutions. For instance, choosing the cheapest freight services isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective because it can lead to low-quality services. Finding the best value means balancing advantages with the smartest price.

Of course, you should have a set budget and abide by it, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately go to the cheapest services on the market. Consider consulting a logistics expert for this process, too. Working with a 3PL is critical to understanding hidden costs in your supply chain, so don’t neglect to bring their expertise and resources to the table.

Ignoring Shipping Insurance

This final common domestic shipping mistake to avoid is critical because it can protect your shipments during accidents. Don’t shrug off shipping insurance to save on costs because this insurance can help you save in the future. Freight insurance covers damaged or lost cargo, two issues that can occur no matter which freight services you choose. Whether damage ruins the goods or someone steals them, it can be frustrating to cover those costs out of pocket. Luckily, freight shipping insurance offers a bit more peace of mind by providing assistance during such events.

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