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Employee Facilities All Commercial Businesses Should Have

Employee Facilities All Commercial Businesses Should Have

Employers have quite a few options when they want to attract the best and brightest workers. A good health plan, pay, and other forms of compensation are essential, but don’t underestimate the power of good amenities.

With the right approach, employers can create a comfortable work environment that employees want to join. Here are some employee facilities all commercial businesses should have.


Bathrooms are essential for employees that commercial businesses are legally required to have. If you don’t have bathrooms or fail to keep them sanitary, you’ll be in violation of OSHA policies and could face potential liabilities.

There must be enough toilets for the number of workers on site. Businesses aren’t obligated to let customers use their restroom facilities. However, you may need one if you have a space for the public.


Another employee facility that makes day-to-day life better is a breakroom. There’s no legal obligation to provide a breakroom, but it can give workers a place to rest, relax, and recuperate during long days.

Breakrooms are social spaces for employees to get together, making them ideal for improving relationships and building strong bonds. Employees become more enthusiastic and productive when they are allowed to interact with others they otherwise wouldn’t encounter throughout the workday.


A playground offers functionality and encourages activity if you’re looking for something unique to fill space in your business. Providing a place for employees to take their kids during company get-togethers can promote healthy lifestyles.

If you’re unsure why your commercial business needs a playground, know that it’s a great place to get fresh air and relax. Play areas make your business family-friendly by allowing employees and their kids to spend quality time.

Give Your Employees the Best Facilities Possible

Every business is different, and the facilities your company needs will depend on your industry and the nature of your operations. Every company needs a bathroom, but a break room or playground can add some much-needed comfort.

Knowing which employee facilities all businesses should have will allow you to create a positive work environment and retain the best workers.

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