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5 Tips for Preventing Accidents With Pallet Racks

A person driving a forklift, loading a pallet onto racks in a warehouse. The forklift's colors are red and black.

You must consider how to best use your warehouse’s storage space. Pallet racks are one way to do this; however, they can pose significant safety risks if your teams use them improperly. Thankfully, you can avoid many of these risks by following these five tips for preventing accidents with pallet racks.

Utilize Column Protectors

A column protector is one of the must-have pallet rack accessories for warehouse storage. These guards will prevent system failures that can lead to accidents. They will also reduce the need to repair or replace a rack if a forklift operator accidentally collides with one.

Make Sure You Check Your Racks

Regular inspection of your pallet racks is crucial. Your racks can experience damage that might not be immediately visible. Schedule routine checks to look for signs of damage, such as bent beams or loose bolts. Promptly addressing these issues can prevent accidents and prolong the life of your racks.

Don’t Use Pallets That Are Too Heavy

Each pallet rack has a maximum weight capacity, but you will ask for trouble if you don’t follow that guidance. Always ensure that each pallet’s weight does not surpass the recommended capacity. Overloading can compromise the racks’ integrity, leading to potential collapses and serious accidents.

Ensure Your Forklifts Have Room

Another tip for preventing accidents with pallet racks is ensuring ample room for forklifts to maneuver around them. Keep the aisles clear and organize the layout to minimize sharp turns and obstacles. Adequate space reduces the likelihood of collisions and ensures smooth operations.

Teach Employees How To Load Racks Properly

Finally, providing employees with proper training for using pallet racks is important. Educate your associates on the correct methods for loading and unloading racks, including how to properly secure items. Doing so can prevent accidents and allow you to enjoy more peace of mind in your business.

Ensuring your warehouse’s safety requires diligence and proactive measures. Act with these strategies on day one of your new business to protect your employees and inventory.

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