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About Us was launched in 2008 as the official online resource for real and legit business funding opportunities.

Produced by The National Institute of Small Business Grants, a global network of contributors that specialize in business finance education, supplies information via the internet that empowers prospective and existing small business owners, enabling them to know what their financial options are.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, our organization is the only one of its kind. We are the only virtual institution that is dedicated completely to the study and research of small business grant opportunities that are given away by major corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and foundations.

Our combined knowledge and expertise comes from over 50 years of experience from researchers, groups, organizations, and publications. This makes our web site the most relevant space online for anything pertaining to business grants.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to give business owners an alternative to business loans by helping as many as possible to understand what business grants are, how to obtain them, and whether or not they should be used for their companies. We also aim to help business owners avoid fraudulent opportunities that are very prevalent on the internet.

Our organization was created when it became apparent that many supposed online resources did not accurately reflect what small business grants were. Many of these resources didn't list actual opportunities - nor did they tell you how to apply for the opportunities. At that point, we decided to do something about it. Since then we've been writing and publishing practical and useful information pertaining to business grants and other financial opportunities.

Contributors to this web site are made up of a group of worldwide experts who write and teach about business grants. Many of them are researchers and actual grant writers who have been active for years and are very knowledgeable. A few write for major business publications, and others are just grant recipients who have decided to share their resources.