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Local Program Issues Grants For New Media Ventures In Chicago

Several non-profit and for-profit news organizations in Chicago were recently awarded over $500,000 in business grants to pursue new media ventures. The funding all came from the Community News Matters program - a project supported by several foundations that encourage the coverage of insightful local news.

86 proposals were submitted for funding. From that, just 12 recipients were selected. 5 were for-profit companies, and the other 7 were non-profit associations or universities.

Here's how the funds were allocated to the for-profit companies:

$35,000 went to Gapers Block Media LLC to boost neighborhood news coverage at

$30,000 went to South Suburban Publishing LLC to train citizen journalists in Markham to cover news for

$50,000 went to Chicago News Cooperative to provide enterprise coverage of the city of Chicago.

$35,000 went to Beachwood Media Co. to enhance technology and content to create a sustainable business model.

$35,000 went to Brad Flora to upgrade software used by

If you run a news organization in the Chicago area, you missed out - but stay tuned because there will likely be more grants coming next year. Visit for more details.

If you are not in Chicago, check with your city and state to see if there are similar opportunities available in your area.

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