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"Grant Writing For Dummies" By Beverly Browning

Many people hire special firms to help them obtain business grants, but in actuality - you can do it yourself. Author and grant specialist Beverly A. Browning proves this in her 3rd edition of Grant Writing For Dummies.

This up-to-date publication is a masterpiece, and Browning does an excellent job of explaining the process in a way that anyone can understand. It's a one-stop reference, and 25% of the content has been revised to cover the latest changes to the grant writing process.

In the book, readers will find:

* a listing of web sites and state agencies that publish grant funding opportunity announcements;

* the latest language, terms, and phrases to use on the job or in proposals;

* creative ways to recycle a rejected proposal;

* helpful tips on project staffing, resources, equity, and budgets;

* ways to find the latest application forms and writing guidelines;

* An example of a well-researched, well-written grant proposal;

and much more!

Our organization highly recommends that you buy and read this book. It'll be a wonderful addition to your library, and you will learn everything you need to know about getting grants.

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