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Staples Foundation Awards $300,000 in Grants To Support Education and Business

Staples Foundation (funded by Staples Stores) has recently awarded nearly $300,000 to non-profit organizations who are involved with local and national business and education initiatives.

Although the grants were not disbursed to businesses directly, entrepreneurs and business owners can still benefit.

For instance, Common Wealth Development in Madison, Wisconsin was given $5,000 towards their Youth-Business Mentoring program. Young disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the area can participate to learn about and gain resources for employment through internship experience, job training, placement and mentoring.

In addition, InnerCity Entrepreneurs in Boston, Massachusetts was given $25,000 towards their StreetWise MBA program, which provides inner-city business owners with training, tools and support to develop and grow their businesses.

Finally, Marketplace for Kids, Inc. in Bismarck, North Dakota was given $10,000 towards their Educating Emerging Entrepreneurs program, where young students create a business and learn about entrepreneurship and leadership.

All the other organizations received grant money for their education initiatives, but this too can benefit business owners. Valuable skills that can be acquired through those programs include: financial literacy, social skills, an understanding of economic issues, and more.

For more details about the Staples Foundation, visit:

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