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City of Melbourne Launches Small Business Grants Program

In Australia, small businesses make up 83% of all businesses in the city of Melbourne, Victoria. To help foster and nourish growth, the city recently awarded $110,000 to seven small firms through their Small Business Grants program.

There are four grant categories: start-ups, business expansion, export entry, and business support services. Each individual grant is limited to $30,000 and businesses can only apply to one category at each funding round. The next round of grants will open in March 2011.

In addition to the grants, the city has also launched the Hospitality Toolkit for the benefit of hospitality businesses starting up in the area.

Developed after research revealed a poor success rate for new hospitality businesses in the municipality, the toolkit contains tips and suggestions, practical guides and information links, and is available to café, bar, catering service and restaurant owners within the City of Melbourne. Topics include food and health, planning, liquor licensing, tax and superannuation, and leasing.

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