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Stratford Company Plans Growth, Thanks To Small Business Grant

Stratford Company Plans Growth, Thanks To Small Business Grant
A Stratford, Connecticut company has won a grant from Connecticut's Small Business Express Program. The Small Business Express Program is part of the state's $100 million effort to support small businesses who create jobs and increase business in Connecticut.

Domack Restoration LLC was awarded a $100,000 grant from the state. Domack, a commercial restoration and roofing company employing 20 people, plans to use the money to hire more employees.

In addition, they are investing $247,966 of their own money to renovate a new and larger facility in Stratford which will support the company’s growth. Their plans also include buying more computer software and hardware and office equipment.

The Small Business Express Program, part of the bipartisan Jobs Bill, was created by Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development to provide financial support for Connecticut’s small businesses. Through loans and grants, the funding encourages job creation and growth in the state of Connecticut.

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