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Microenterprise Program Grants Awarded to Three Small Businesses in Rouses Point, New York

Rouses Point NY

The Village of Rouses Point is a small waterfront community in northeast New York State, located by the shores of Lake Champlain. Small business is an important part of the economy there. The Village recently awarded grants of $35,000 each to three small businesses through the Microenterprise Program.

The Microenterprise Program is a state-funded grant program that provides grants and business development training for new and existing businesses. The Village of Rouses Point awarded a total of $105,000 to two new businesses and one existing business, all located in Rouses Point. The Village still has $67,000 available for small businesses yet to be awarded.

Businesses interested in applying for the grants must have five or fewer employees, including the business owner. Both existing businesses and new business interested in locating in Rouses Point may apply for the grant money.

The purpose of the Microenterprise Program is to create more jobs and bring business to the downtown area. As part of the grant, the program includes an Entrepreneurship Training Program that teaches small-business development. Those who receive grant money are required to attend.

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