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Florida Software Company Targets Small Manufacturing Businesses for Grant Awards

BobCAD-CAMBobCAD-CAM is a CAD/CAM software producer in Clearwater, Florida, that serves small CNC machining businesses. The company has just launched a new grant program for small machining operations that have lost business to overseas competition. The grant program is called the Participation Grant Program.

Small machining businesses include companies that use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to make industrial parts automatically without human assistance. They can include milling machines, lathes and grinders. The grant competition is designed to help these companies strengthen their business to compete against foreign competition.

BobCAD-CAM Participation Grants cover 50 percent of costs for programs designed to make companies more competitive. The grant money is applied toward small business costs for consultants, engineers and other professional service provider fees. In addition, the grant provides grant recipients with market research, product development, employee training, and other resources important to small manufacturing businesses.

BobCAD-CAM was established in 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, serving manufacturing companies with CAD-CAM software. Their business serves global companies in the automotive, woodworking, aerospace, tool and die, defense and military, medical, sporting good and numerous other industries.

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