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Small Businesses in Historic Williamsburg Receive Grants

York County Economic Development Authority Williamsburg, Virginia is an old, historic town dating back to 1632. It's home to the College of William and Mary, the second oldest higher education institution in the U.S. Along with Williamsburg is nearby Jamestown and Yorktown, making all three part of what is known as the Historic Triangle which attracts more than four million tourists a year.

The York County Economic Development Authority is offering grants of $4,500 to local small businesses as part of their Economic Gardening grant program. The program is designed to help companies extend their markets and bring more jobs and tax revenue to the area. Eligible businesses must have revenue between $1 million and $50 million a year to apply for the grant.

Eligible small businesses must be for-profit enterprises who have been in business in the area for two years, employing between 10 - 99 people. They must be businesses that have shown growth in the past 2 out of 5 years. The concept of the program is to help small businesses identify new markets, research competitors, learn about trends in the industry and locate more customers.

The program is hosted by the Edward Lowe Foundation in Michigan who help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The York County Economic Development Authority is responsible for supporting local businesses and attracting new business to York County.

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