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Starting a Business in Cleveland Could Earn You a $25,000 Grant

Old Brooklyn Community Development CorporationEntrepreneurs who like the advantages of being in a quiet, historic neighborhood, but still close to all the amenities and customers from the city might want to consider Old Brooklyn as a possibility. The Community Development Corporation from this quaint and historic 200-year-old community of about 43,000 has announced a grant competition for new, relocating, or expanding businesses in Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood.

The grant competition is a joint collaboration between the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation and the City of Cleveland. It's purpose is to bring new life into the Old Brooklyn business community. The preferred eligible businesses include professional services, arts and design, but any business is eligible to apply for the grant.

Businesses must be located in Old Brooklyn and remain there for at least one year. The owner of the business must be actively present full-time at the business location. The grant money can be used to pay for inventory, renovation costs or other expenses needed to open or expand the business.

The deadline for applications is May 6 and winners will be announced in June.

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