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Texas Emerging Technology Fund

Texas Emerging Technology Fund
Texas Emerging Technology Fund grants are awarded to businesses located in the state of Texas whose focus is on emerging technology. This can include energy, computer and software technology, biotechnology, medicine, aerospace, defense, petroleum refining and chemical processes.

Commercialization funding is available to businesses who focus is on commercial products. To be eligible, 85 percent of a company's employees and contractors must live in Texas, and 85 percent of their suppliers must have their principal place of business in Texas. The business must have an economic impact on Texas. The purpose of the Commercialization Awards is to grow new and existing small businesses and bring new products and services to the marketplace.

The Research Grant Matching Awards are for small businesses who partner and receive matching funding from universities, federal government grant programs, and industry. Projects must involve emerging-technology research and development that will have a significant impact on the Texas  economy. It can include a major medical or scientific breakthrough. Companies who partner with more than one institution of higher education or private company will have an increased chance of being approved for a grant.

In addition, The Texas Emerging Technology Fund recently announced they are considering the possibility of using state dollars to help small business who seek federal innovation funding from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program or the Small Business Technology Transfer program.

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