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Connecitcut Offers Grants for Hiring and Training New Employees

Connecticut Department of Labor
Small businesses in Connecticut with 100 or fewer employees may be eligible to receive a grant up to $12,500 for hiring or training new employees. The grant program is called Subsidized Training and Employment Program (Step Up) and is designed to help small businesses expand their workforce.

Step Up includes two programs. One is the Wage Subsidy Program and the other is the Small Manufacturer Training Grant Program. The Wage Subsidy Program offers a grant of up to $12,000 to help cover the wages for a new employee up to their first 180 days on the job. The Small Manufacturer Training Grant Program covers the cost for training a new employee for the first six months. The grants are up to $12,500.

Eligible businesses must have no more than 100 employees and must be in business for at least 12 months in order to apply for either grant. Small business owners may apply for only one program per employee.

The program is offered by the Connecticut Department of Labor. It's purpose is to expand Connecticut's job market by supporting the efforts of small businesses who hire and train new employees.

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