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Sony Gives Grants to Non-Profits in Arts, Culture, Technology and the Environment

Entrepreneurs who are looking for funding for their businesses may often find help through large organizations. Most of them do not advertise their grants. However, they do fund selective companies if the company purpose aligns with grant guidelines. One of those organizations is Sony.

Throughout the year, Sony takes requests for grants from non-profit organizations in the arts, culture, technology and the environment, with an emphasis on education in these areas. There is no formal application and no deadlines. Applicants may apply at any time. The grants are one-time only and not designed to fund businesses long term.

Small non-profits must be dedicated to improving people's lives. Their products or services must help communities, improve education, protect the environment, support arts and culture, or provide needed services for disadvantaged youth. Business owners sending proposals for grants must include information about their company on company letterhead, including a complete description of what they do and how it aligns with Sony giving guidelines. A description of how the grant money will be used is required.

Sony Corporation of America is headquartered in New York and a worldwide producer and distributor of electronics, computers, entertainment, music, movies, games and mobile communications.

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