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Deadline Extended to Apply for Pennsylvania DEP Small Business Advantage Grants

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Small business owners now have until October 8 to apply for grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The grants are specifically for small businesses engaged in energy efficiency or pollution prevention programs.

Grants up to $9,500 per business are available to eligible businesses. This can include projects that save 25 percent plus $500 annually on preventing pollution and saving energy. Eligible projects must have a completion date of June 30, 2014. In addition, small businesses must be  for-profit enterprises that are corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, or sole proprietorships with 100 or fewer employees.

The grant program reimburses small businesses at 50 percent of their project costs, up to $9,500 per business per year. The projects do not include window air conditioners, or wood stoves, boilers and wood furnaces. The focus is on improvements that are going to save money in energy costs and keep pollution low.

Small businesses can include manufacturers, retailers, businesses that provides, mining operators or agricultural businesses. Projects that are eligible for business grants include upgrades to HVAC and boiler systems, high-efficiency lighting, solvent recovery systems, and waste recycling projects.

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