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Great Streets Initiative Grants Foster Growth Among Small Businesses in D.C.

Great Streets Initiative
The Washington D.C. government recently announced a grant initiative that will support small businesses, attract new businesses and create more jobs in the District. It's called the Great Streets Initiative with a budget of $2.1 million for small business grants.

Each grant can be worth up to $85,000. Eligible businesses can use the grant money to create a new store facade, make improvements or invest in business signage. The grant money will help small business owners located in under-invested areas to improve and grow their business. The grants are issued through the Office of the Deputy Mayor.

Businesses must be located along 11 specific streets. Eligible businesses who qualify for the grant will be reimbursed for any capital expenditures for improving their property, up to $85,000. The city believes the grants will help businesses in under-invested areas and result in business growth within the specified corridors.

Victor Hoskins, deputy mayor for planning and economic development stated, "We know the importance of small business owners and what their businesses represent for residents, and we want the character of them all to be reflective of the entrepreneurial spirit behind them."

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