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Everything You Need To Start a Tree Care Service

Everything You Need To Start a Tree Care Service

If you’re looking for a business venture that’s likely to stay relevant for years to come, a tree service is one of your best options. Trees will always need care, whether that involves cutting them down entirely, removing hazardous trunks, or trimming back branches. If this venture excites you, consider this list of everything you need to start a tree care service.

Create a Business Plan

While this item isn’t as exciting as the others, it’s one of the most important on our list. Without a business plan, your new tree care service is likely to flounder before it gets out of the water. Write out what makes your tree care service different from the competition, the mission behind your business, what your specific goals are, a deadline for those goals, and methods in which you plan to meet your goals.

Acquire Capital

You can’t start a business if you don’t have any funding. Acquiring capital is a crucial component to starting your tree care company from scratch. Whether you apply for a business loan, use the savings you’d set aside for future endeavors such as this, or call on investors, each method is viable. Depending on your specific situation, however, one method may be more realistic than the others.

Register Your Company

Next on the list is registering your business. You’ll tackle this step after you’ve named your company and designed your logo. Depending on where your company is operating, you may need to register your tree care company with local, state, and federal agencies. Once you register, you’ll also want to reserve your domain name and create social media accounts.

Obtain Licensure, Insurance, and Certification

If you aren’t licensed, insured, and certified—especially as a tree service company—you won’t get many customers. Take the time to acquire all the necessary permits, licensure, and certifications you need.

Attain Equipment and Hire Your Crew

Obtaining the equipment and crew you need is an imperative step on our list of everything you need to start a tree care service. Compact track loaders are particularly beneficial for tree services companies. Tree services also require materials such as:

  • Sturdy and reliable ladders
  • Various saws, including chainsaws and pole saws
  • Safety equipment
  • Stump grinders
  • Orange construction cones
  • Branch clippers

Additionally, a crew that is experienced and certified to operate various equipment will prove imperative to your company’s success.

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