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Minnesota Grant Program Stimulates Small Businesses to Clean Up Their Act

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
There's a new grant program in the state of Minnesota that will reward businesses who take the initiative to reduce air pollution. Cleaning up their act by reducing air pollution could result in businesses receiving grants from The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

Up to $320,000 will be given in grants to small businesses in Minnesota who take steps to reduce VOCs throughout their facilities. The goal is to create more partnerships with small businesses to keep air pollution costs, and air pollution, down.

About the grant

Small businesses have until August 13, 2014 to apply for a grant. Grants will be awarded to businesses who take measures to reduce VOC emissions in their business operations. VOCs are Volatile Organic Chemicals that can quickly evaporate into the air and enter the environment. VOCs can be dangerous to human health and to the environment.

How to qualify

There are several ways in which small businesses can qualify for VOC reduction grants. Eligible projects include changing manufacturing processes, purchasing supplies that are environmentally friendly, and improving energy efficiency. Matching grants up to $100,000 will be awarded by the MPCA.

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