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NEIdeas Grant Winners Announced in Detroit and Southeast Michigan

From barber shops to coffee shops, print shops and beauty salons, the winners of the New Economy Initiative, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and the Detroit Economic Growth Corp. NEIdeas Grant contest for small business owners has been announced. Thirty Detroit area small businesses each won $10,000 business grants to expand their businesses.

32 happy winners!

Thirty businesses each received grants of $10,000 each, and two businesses each received grants of $100,000. The grant program was started by Detroit government, development and charitable leaders who believe in the importance of small businesses in their community. They believe that through the grant program, it will not only boost small businesses in the city but within the two surrounding communities it surrounds.

How the winners will use their grant money

Winners included a shoe and leather shop, a barber shop and beauty salon, a coffee shop, printing business, a Mexican restaurant, a sewing and embroidery shop, produce farm, lawn care business, and others. Each winner had definite plans for using the money to expand their businesses. Some will buy more equipment, some will make physical improvements, while others will update equipment to make their businesses more efficient. One thing is for sure: they will all benefit, and so will Detroit and its surrounding communities, from this latest round of grants.

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