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Ford Foundation Grants

Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation awards grants to organizations whose work helps to reduce poverty and injustice and promote human achievement. Eligible organizations must be involved in charitable, educational or scientific programs designed to bring social change.

Organizations may be dedicated to benefiting a geographic area within the U.S. or result in global benefits. In addition, grant consideration is given to organizations whose work directly improves the lives of women and other disadvantaged groups.

Eligible organizations must be non-profit in order to apply. To apply, businesses must submit a formal proposal, brief description of their organization, how the project will help others, estimated budget and completion time, and how the grant money will be used and what results it is expected to achieve.

The Ford Foundation was established in 1936 by Henry Ford and his son Edsel Ford. Since its beginning, the foundation awarded grants for scientific, educational and charitable purposes that improved public welfare. Although in its beginning the grants were focused on needs in Michigan, the foundation has since become a global supporter of many kinds of organizations and the largest philanthropy in the world.

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