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Thiel Foundation Gives 20 Young Entrepreneurs $100,000 Grants

It's called the Thiel Fellowship, and it's a very different kind of grant for young entrepreneurs. In fact, it is often controversial. Why? Because it's offered to young students who are in college and are interested in dropping out of college for two years to pursue their creative, entrepreneurial projects--all funded by the Thiel Foundation.

Fellowship/grant program

The program is enticing for young visionary thinkers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who want an opportunity to bring their projects to life. The two-year commitment gives them a chance to see what they can do as entrepreneurs. They will learn outside the classroom by actually doing and will be supported during their fellowship by numerous resources. Candidates from around the world may apply.

Students accepted into the program will take two years away from their education and are encouraged to move to the San Francisco Bay area to work on their projects. They are offered summer housing, regular workshops, fellowship dinners, and retreats that all foster both professional and personal development.

How to apply

Applicants may apply online. The process takes about four months to complete. Formal applications end around January 15 each year. Grant recipients may begin their projects any time between between June and September.

The Thiel Foundation was created by Peter Thiel in 1998 and supports innovative scientific research and new technologies that empower people to improve their lives.

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