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Chattanooga Offering Small Businesses $500 For Each New Job They Create

The Office of Economic and Community Development in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is offering small businesses a great incentive to grow their businesses. For each new job they create, they can be eligible to receive $500.

Who is eligible

To be eligible for the grants, businesses who apply must have less than 100 employees. Businesses must create at least 5 new jobs in order to apply for the grant. Applications are now being taken, and already four businesses have applied for the grants and created 30 new jobs in Chattanooga.

Jobs created by qualifying small businesses must be for at least one year. The purpose of the grant program is to support small businesses who, like larger businesses, also create jobs and contribute to the growth of the community. As Kathryn Foster, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Growth, stated, "We know that small businesses are going to create jobs that are going to stay here," she said. "They are going to raise the tide for everybody."

How to apply

For more information on how to qualify and apply, visit

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