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$2 Million in Grants Awarded to Small Businesses in MassVentures START Program

$2 Million in Grants Awarded to Small Businesses in MassVentures START Program
Ten Massachusetts small companies were recently awarded $100,000 each in grants as part of the MassVentures START Program. The purpose of the grants is to encourage growth in both jobs and manufacturing throughout Massachusetts.

Grants just the beginning

Initially, the ten companies will receive $100,000 grants to better position them towards being high-growth companies. The companies selected demonstrated high potential to take their companies to commercialization. After the initial grants, the companies will receive help from MassVentures to take the next step toward commercializing their products. Five companies will be chosen to receive $200,000 grants. At the end of the second year, two companies will be selected to receive $500,000 grants.


Eligible companies include high-technology businesses producing innovative products and processes. Some of the companies who received grants included engineering firms, biotech companies, and businesses that focus on green solutions.

The grant program is a three-year process and is designed to help small technology companies thrive. Supporting these companies is part of MassVentures goal to create recognition for Massachusetts as being a center for high technology. MassVentures was created in 1978 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to foster greater lending support and growth among early-stage technology start-up companies in Massachusetts. firms.

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