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The Best And Worst Places to Start A Restaurant Business

The Best And Worst Places to Start A Restaurant Business
Rossilli's Restaurant, Findlay, Ohio. Findlay is among the top 5 best places to start a restaurant.
Opening a restaurant is one of the most difficult businesses for any entrepreneur. Many restaurants fail in their first year due to poor planning or lack of business knowledge. Food is only one part of the whole restaurant business. One important aspect in planning a restaurant business is location, location, location.

The 5 best places to start a restaurant, according to Restaurant Business
  1. Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI
  2. Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV
  3. Kapaa, HI
  4. Findlay, OH
  5. Sevierville, TN
The 5 worst places to start a restaurant
  1. Los Alamos, NM
  2. Sunbury, PA
  3. Boone, IA
  4. North Vernon, IN
  5. Malvern, AR
Factors for success

The best places are those located in highly popular vacation areas, such as the two in Hawaii on the top 5 best places lists. Other factors include high per-capita income, and the presence of multiple counties that all have similar levels of social and economic wealth. The actual formula used by The Restaurant Growth Index (RGI) is more complex but creates a score that indicates it's probability for success. As an example, comparing the national score of 100, the locations on the top 5 list have scores ranging from 364 to 506.

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