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Find Over 200 Grants Offered By Corporations

Find Over 200 Grants Offered By Corporations
Wouldn't it be great if you could find a source for all kinds of grants that might help you start or expand your small business? Corporations are an excellent source of grant money which doesn't have to be paid back, and one directory is available that lists over 200 grants offered by corporations.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a non-profit organization based in New York City that was established in 1956 and is the leading source of information about philanthropy globally. It offers the most comprehensive database on U.S. and global grantmakers and the grants they offer. The Foundation Directory Online is FREE and easy to use. If you just enter United States and hit search, you can cruise through the alphabetized list and find the grant that's right for you.

Another way to search is by entering a country, such as the U.S., then click on "type of grantmaker" and select "independent foundation." This will bring up a list of all independent corporations in the U.S. that offer grants. You can also search by the grantmaker's name. More search options are offered if you subscribe, but the free online version offers much information at no cost.

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