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5 Year Free Rent Space Offered to NJ Entrepreneurs

5 Year Free Rent Space Offered to NJ Entrepreneurs

Imagine getting rent space for your small business for 5 years, free! That's part of what is being offered to small businesses in New Jersey through a new $50 million business accelerator program.

Newark Venture Partners

Newark Venture Partners is being offered by audio book producer, Donald Katz. Katz and others created the program to help New Jersey small businesses get their feet off the ground and grow. To add to the program, Newark is offering free wi-fi for businesses located in a two-mile-long stretch of downtown Newark. Katz's company, Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon, will also provide mentoring for entrepreneurs and employees.

Who is eligible?

Eligible businesses include technology start-ups that have an interest in coming to Newark. Applications are now being accepted from interested small businesses. The program starts in October.

There is enough office space for 50 companies. Companies who are invited to apply can include those just starting out and have no funding, to companies who have already received funding through venture capital.

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