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Everything is Bigger in Texas -- Including Breaks for Vet-Owned Small Businesses

Everything is Bigger in Texas -- Including Breaks for Vet-Owned Small Businesses
The state motto of Texas is "Friendship." They are proving true to their motto by offering a new free program that will help small businesses that are owned by veterans and service-disabled veterans. The program will help veteran-owned businesses compete for large contracts that are usually available only to larger companies.

Texas HUB certification training

HUB refers to the state’s Historically Underutilized Business, which includes all small business owners in Texas. Recently, the Veterans Business Association joined forces with Prairie View A&M University and the El Paso Chamber of Commerce to offer a series of 8 free training workshops to qualifying small business owners. The workshops will include training in areas such as business planning and marketing, web site development, how to work with suppliers, and how to develop and submit a bid.

Benefits of HUB certification

Businesses who complete the workshops can become certified. The certification will allow them to enter a level playing field with other business owners and bid on contracting and purchasing opportunities. The emphasis is on getting all veteran-owned small businesses certified; it is estimated there are about 300 veteran-owned businesses who could qualify for the free program.

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