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Why Some Small Businesses in Texas Won't Be Able to Get Grants

Why Some Small Businesses in Texas Won't Be Able to Get Grants
Austin, Texas is the home of many filmmakers and film production studios. These business owners have been supported through the years by the Texas Film Commission who awards grants to companies who produce films, television programs, commercials and video games in the state of Texas. But a recent budget cut will mean that many small businesses in the film industry will no longer be able to get grants.

Grants are funded by the Texas Legislature which has enabled the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program to help small businesses in the state who are in the film industry. But recently, the Legislature cut the former $95 million budget down to $32 million, which means fewer business owners will receive grants.

Although the program has been successful, producing $1.5 billion in state economic activity through the use of $221 million in grant incentives, some want to get rid of it. Why? According to state Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving), the money should be used for more important efforts such as transportation and education. But Mike Blizzard of the Austin Film Society said they are not taking into consideration all the different ways in which the film industry adds to the economy, including providing jobs and increasing business for hotels and restaurants.

Who will be affected

Small businesses most affected will be film making crews who work on the films. The state's budget cut may mean that they are forced to take their business out of Texas.

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