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"Social Supper" Event Supports Small Business Across the Southeastern U.S.

"Social Supper" Event Supports Small Business Across the Southeastern U.S.
It's an unique plan but it seems to be working -- fine meals served at unusual places, and profits are donated to help provide more grants for small-to-medium-size businesses. The resulting grants of $500, $800 and even $1,000 can go a long way toward helping small businesses buy equipment, supplies, or increase marketing.

"Social Supper" provides far more than a social experience

The "Social Supper" event is the brainchild of non-profit organization The Magnolia Business Alliance, located in Diamondhead, Mississippi. They got the idea by attending an event in New Orleans. They have now created a similar event across Mississippi and are planning to have one event every quarter to raise more money to help small businesses.

The event brings local business sponsors and others in the community together to meet, eat well, and of course support a cause that is close to every one's heart -- supporting small business. Different businesses provide the location, the chef, and the food and beverages. Those who attend enjoy a fine meal and a chance to meet others in the community they may not know. The cost per meal is around $50-$60, but attendees support the event because they know the money is going to a great cause.

Program generates grant money

The program has enabled The Magnolia Business Alliance to give grants up to $1,000. As one grant recipient explains, “As a startup company and financing this business personally, the grants have been a lifesaver.”

The Magnolia Business Alliance is made up of small and medium business (SMB) leaders who offer grants, mentorship, training, logistics, and other support to help develop new companies, and educate communities about issues affecting small businesses.


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