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70 Detroit Small Businesses Receive Micro Grants Totaling $175,500

70 Detroit Small Businesses Receive Micro Grants Totaling $175,500
Dawn DeMuyt, Founder of Labrosse Farm
“I’m so thankful to be here and for people to believe in our business.” This was one of many expressions of appreciation by Detroit small businesses recently who received micro grants from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation as well as Citizens Bank, as part of the bank's Citizens Helping Citizens Strengthen Communities initiative.

Micro grants help the community grow stronger

One small business owner, Cynthia Davis, creator of Sha La Cynt’s LLC, a personal chef and catering company, expressed her appreciation for people believing and supporting Detroit's small business owners. The grant she received made it possible for her to expand her business.

Another business owner, Dawn DeMuyt, founder of Labrosse Farm which sells organic produce, stated, “These micro-grants mean so much to small entrepreneurs.” “Believing in us allows our small businesses to grow in the city.” The grant she received enabled her to rent space in new kitchen facilities.

Grants boost the economy

These are just two examples of the 70 micro grants that were recently awarded through Citizen Bank. The grants were offered to help small businesses in Detroit and the surrounding area grow stronger. Stronger businesses mean stronger communities. As Citizen Bank president Rick Hampson expressed, "The grants will be used to specialized tools, supplies and equipment, which will provide goods and services for Detroit residents while boosting the economy.”

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