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More Grants Awarded to Small Business Owners in Detroit

More Grants Awarded to Small Business Owners in Detroit
Small business owners in Detroit, Michigan, seem to be getting a lot of help recently from various sources. This time, two Detroit businesses got a whopping $100,000 grant each from Detroit's NEIdeas competition.

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The odds were huge -- 500 small businesses applied -- but two small businesses were chosen to receive $100,000 grants to expand their businesses. The winners included a deli market and a lumber company. They are two of more than 60 small businesses in Detroit who have received grants since the program began in May of 2014.

The NEIdeas Challenge competition is a spin off of Detroit's New Economic Initiative. The initiative has not only actively helped small businesses in and around Detroit but the entire Detroit economy.

Since it's beginning, the program has awarded more than $1 million to more than 60 existing small businesses, encouraging more small businesses and entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.


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