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'Big Dogs' Helping Out Small Business -- Find Out How

It sounds crazy, but it works; big retailers are actually loaning money to small businesses interested in filling big orders. The move solves two huge issues for small business -- funding and the capital to produce enough goods to fill large orders.

Big retailers helping small business

Big companies such as Whole Foods, Martha Stewart Living, Miller Lite, Chase, FedEx and Wells Fargo are lending money to small businesses so they can fill contracts for the 'big dogs.' Whole Foods, for example, has loaned close to $18 million to its small suppliers since 2006. Other prominent large businesses are loaning amounts that range between $1,000 and $100,000.

Why the loans are good for both

It's a win/win situation for both large retailers and small business. Why? It means increasing business for both parties. In addition, small businesses get the advantage of low-interest loan rates with a payback period of 2-5 years. They also receive mentoring, networking opportunities, and the unique advantage of being able to get in on well established brands owned by very large companies.

No longer does there need to be a battle between the big dogs and small business. By working together, both can cash in on business growth.


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