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Mississippi Entrepreneurs Get a Facelift, Thanks to the Facade Grant Program

A business support grant of $2,500 can go a long way for a small business owner, with 50 or fewer employees, in Jackson County, Mississippi. Five small business owners have been approved so far and will be receiving their grant money next month.

A total of nine small business owners applied for grants, and there is still time left for other small business owners to apply. The grants can be used for outside storefront facelifts, improving customer areas, and any other form of marketing, including websites, signs and displays.

The Small Business Grant program started in August 2012. The Small Business Grants are worth $2,500 with no match required. Since the grant program began in 2012, 35 grants have been given to 35 different Chamber members. Small businesses must be Chamber members to be eligible to receive a grant.

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