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These 5 Cities Awarded $300,000 to Increase Small Business Development

A total of $300,000 was recently awarded to six cities and towns in Virginia. The grants are part of the Virginia Community Business Launch (CBL) grants program targeted for towns and cities throughout Virginia to stimulate small business development.

Small business competition

Each city or town received $60,000 each to run a local small business competition. Through the cities and town, local business winners received funding which will help expand their businesses. The result of the CBL grant program is an improved economy and an increase in jobs. The cities and towns that received the grants include Waynesboro, Franklin, Bristol, South Boston, and Alavista.

In last year's competition, the CBL program helped to start or expand 46 businesses across Virginia. In addition to the grants, CBL provides the tools to help entrepreneurs operate successful businesses located either downtown or in neighborhood commercial districts and gives them opportunities to compete for funding to launch their new businesses.

Improves economy and increases jobs

The CBL program is an important part of Virginia's plan to make Virginia a great place to work, live and conduct business. Governor Terry McAuliffe stated, "The Community Business Launch program will help these cities and towns turn those visions into reality by helping entrepreneurs get their start and begin creating the next generation of homegrown Virginia jobs.”

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