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Small Businesses in East Harlem to Receive $3 Million in Grants

In East Harlem, small businesses often find it hard to attract customers. About 14 percent of the storefronts there are vacant. They are referred to by the city as "troubled commercial corridors." The city believes an economic boost would help them, so they are giving $3 million in grants to support local businesses.

The grants are coming from NYC's Department of Small Business Services. The grants target troubled commercial corridors in six city neighborhoods, including East Harlem, Downtown Flushing, East New York, Inwood, Jerome Avenue in the Bronx and parts of Staten Island's North Shore.

How the grants work

In these 6 business districts, community-based organizations can apply for grants up to $500,000 per year. The grant money is to be used to fund projects that address district needs for commercial businesses.

The grant program is called Neighborhood 360. Programs funded through the grant will fill now vacant storefronts, offer marketing support to local businesses, and provide other support programs that will address the needs of each neighborhood.

Small Business Services commissioner, Gregg Bishop, stated, “Small businesses are the backbone of neighborhoods across New York City and the partnership… will identify challenges facing commercial corridors and provide grant money to achieve real solutions.”


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