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Grant Programs Help Farmers and Small Businesses in New York

The Climate Resilient Farming Grant Program and The Adirondack Council and the Klipper Family Fund are programs that have helped farmers and small businesses throughout the state of New York with grants. Both programs focus on environmental factors that will benefit not only farmers and small businesses but also homes in many counties across New York.

Grant programs

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that 3 farms in Essex and Jefferson counties will receive more than $238,000 in round two of the Climate Resilient Farming Grant Program. The program, founded in 2015, helps farmers who often are affected by unpredictable climate changes. The grants are awarded for projects in agricultural waste storage cover and flare, on-farm water management and soil-health systems.

The Adirondack Council and the Klipper Family Fund recently awarded its second round of Cool Farms/Healthy Park micro-grants to 23 Adirondack farmers and small-business owners. The purpose of the grants is to help farmers and small businesses become more environmentally friendly which will also help sustain the economy in the Adirondack area. Grants can be used for watering livestock without using fuel or increasing power costs or disturbing streams, or growing crops that will capture and store carbon in the soil.

Both grant programs allow farmers and small businesses to remain competitive while also contributing to the environment.


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