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Grant Program Lets Detroit Entrepreneurs Put Their Best Face Forward

Detroit has a new grant program for existing business owners that lets them put their best face forward. The Motor City Re-Store program is a matching grant program aimed to improve business exteriors. Grants will also be available for design and architectural services for exterior improvement projects.

Eligible projects

The purpose of the program is to continue making Detroit more attractive and appealing. Projects that are eligible for matching grants include improvements to the facade, parking lot, signage, outside lighting, landscaping, and more.

Who can apply

  • For-profit business owners who are located in the city of Detroit
  • Business owners must plan to stay in their location for 5 or more years
  • Business owners who rent their space may also apply with their landlord

How to apply

Business owners may apply by going to the Motor City Re-Store web site at

There are 2 grants available, one pays up to $10,000 in architectural services per business. The other grant is for construction projects and pays $25,000. PLUS, there are 4 rounds of applications throughout the year, so if you missed one date, you still have an opportunity to apply.

Application periods:

Round 1: Applications open June 15, 2017 and close Aug 1, 2017
Round 2: Applications open Sept 1, 2017 and close Oct 1, 2017
Round 3: Applications open Dec 1, 2017 and close Jan 1, 2018
Round 4: Applications open March 1, 2018 and close April 1, 2018

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