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This Foundation Awards Grants 3 Times a Year -- Find Out How to Qualify

This Foundation Awards Grants 3 Times a Year -- Find Out How to Qualify
If you are a non-profit organization whose programs impact the lives of people in the Great Lakes region, you may be eligible for a grant from The Joyce Foundation. The foundation is particularly interested in companies with a focus on Culture, Democracy, Education; Economic Mobility, Environment, and Gun Violence Prevention; Justice Reform.

Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations whose projects will have a significant impact on public policies affecting the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes region includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Grant recipients include diverse organizations such as academic and research institutions, grassroots and advocacy groups, policy institutes, news media and others.

When to apply

Application deadlines are 3 times per year, August, December and April. Eligible organizations must first send a letter on inquiry, outlining the proposed project, how it relates to the target interests of the Foundation, and who will benefit from the project. The next step is to submit a formal proposal. Much information is provided on the foundation's web site to ensure that applicants include all the required information about their organization and project.

The Joyce Foundation was founded in Chicago in 1948. It is a private, charitable foundation that supports policies which improve the quality of life, promote safe and healthy communities for the people in the Great Lakes region. The foundation was established by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago, the sole heir of the Joyce family of Clinton, Iowa, which built a fortune in the lumber industry.

The Joyce Foundation made approximately $45 million in charitable distributions in 2017.

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