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Entrepreneur Pays it Forward by Launching Her Own National Business Grant for Startups

Tisha Marie Pelletier, an entrepreneur and business mentor in Arizona, created a Startup Business Grant to help another startup business achieve his/her dream. One recipient will receive a total of $10,000 cash and in-kind worth of grant.
Tisha herself was a grant receiver back in 2010. She was once the person who felt the pressure of lack of money and resources. So after winning a grant, she decided to continue paying it forward every year to another entrepreneur.

Last year, Pelletier's grant winner was Lee Stewart, owner of Veg Up Get Dirty in Arizona. Stewart said that the monetary reward and all the other in-kind services she received helped her a lot with her startup.

This year, Pelletier expanded her horizons and included all startup entrepreneurs residing in the USA and has a US-based business. Winning finds must be used for business purposes only and an itemized list must be provided.

Aside from the $1,000 cash given by Tisha Marie Enterprises, services such as branding, collateral materials, website, training package, logo design, virtual assistant services, legal, accounting, and social media consultation, and a lot more courtesy of different firms are included to help an individual jumpstart their business.

Applications are due on March 15, 2018.

Read more about Tisha Marie Enterprises' Startup Business Grant by visiting

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