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20 Small Businesses to be Awarded Grants Up To $100K

20 Small Businesses to be Awarded Grants Up To $100K
Grants for African Entrepreneurs: The African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM) is currently seeking proposals for start-up and established businesses operating (or to be operated) through partnerships between U.S. based members of the African diaspora and local Sub-Saharan African entrepreneurs.

Who can apply?

  • Applicants must be a start-up or established business seeking to expand or introduce new goods or services.
  • Must be legally registered in the Sub-Saharan African country of implementation.
  • Businesses that are not yet legally registered may also participate in the competition provided they are able to become legally incorporated before advancing to the final round of the competition.
  • Must include a minimum of 25 percent ownership by the proposing U.S. based diaspora member.

How many grants will be awarded?

Between 10 - 20 winning businesses will be awarded matching grants of between $50,000 and $100,000 each.

ADM is a business plan competition designed to support the entrepreneurial spirit and resources of the U.S. based African diaspora community to promote economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa by facilitating diaspora direct investment (DDI) in viable small and medium enterprises(SMEs).

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