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Supporting the Community After Receiving a Business Grant


If your small business received a grant, chances are you said something in the proposal about how your business will benefit the community. It’s now time to hold up your end of the bargain - it’s time to pay it forward. Check out these ideas for ways to give back to the community after receiving a business grant.
Here are some practical ways to give back to the community after receiving a business grant:
  1. Give General Donations
Think about adding a small local charity to your company’s action strategy. It’s important to remember that monetary donations aren’t your only option. Depending on the organization you donate to, you can donate different items as well—from furniture to old technology.
  1. Provide In-Kind Donations
This type of donation goes beyond items and money. An in-kind donation involves providing labor, professional services, or event space to different organizations and charities. For example, you can volunteer at Adult & Teen Challenge USA and help others overcome barriers to addiction recovery. From mentoring to hosting a local charity auction, there are many ways to give in-kind donations.
  1. Kickstart It
After receiving your business grant, you’ll hopefully be passionate about how to support other small businesses and ideas. Supporting local Kickstarter campaigns is a fun way to give your employees the opportunity to support projects that they’re passionate about. Consider giving each employee a small allowance to back a project of their choosing. These projects could end up impacting hundreds, even thousands, of people.
  1. Teach What You Know
Don’t force your web designers to work in a soup kitchen; instead, have them teach coding to local immersion programs. Teaching others what you know is a great way to participate within the community and could potentially change someone’s life.
  1. Offer Up Company Time
Many businesses don’t volunteer because they simply lack the time—at least, this is a very common excuse. Give your employees the ability to spend company time helping others, and you’ll see how much more willing they are to do so.
  1. Ensure There’s Passion for the Project
This may seem obvious, but it’s so important for everyone to be passionate about the charity or organization they support. Talk to your employees about how you’re thinking about supporting the community, and they can help you come up with ways to give back that align with their collective interests.

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