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How to Optimize Your Instagram Account for Search Engines

Instagram SEO

From independent creators to large corporations, who isn’t on Instagram these days? The platform has truly taken the world by storm during the past decade, and many people have grown their brands through posting on the app. By incorporating a few different marketing techniques, you can expand your following in no time. Without further ado, we’ll teach you how to optimize your Instagram account for search engines.

Consider Who You Follow

Google doesn’t index most Instagram posts, so the accounts you follow act as links back to your profile. Tag these key accounts in your posts, and you’re certain to see more traffic. Additionally, don’t forget to “like” their posts and leave comments on them.

Explore Ads and Influencer Marketing

Need a boost in sales? Consider creating ads catered to your target audience—through effective ads, you’ll dramatically increase your brand’s visibility. Instagram introduced Ads API in 2015, and now hundreds of companies all over the world couple their current advertising solutions with the app. You can also partner with businesses or influencers who will promote your products or services in their posts or Stories and, ultimately, help you build brand awareness.

Hone Your Hashtags

Keep in mind that Instagram hashtags are essentially keywords, so including them in your posts is important. You may want to use the hashtags everybody else uses, but you’ll have to be more strategic if you want your posts to receive more attention. Select relevant hashtags that users don’t commonly choose, and you’ll set up a solid SEO foundation.

Modify Your Bio, Captions, and Handle

When it comes to attracting dozens of potential followers, your profile plays a larger role than you may think. To best optimize it, come up with the perfect Instagram handle, or username—it’s best to create one that’s simple yet memorable. Next, include some keywords in your bio. Just remember to avoid overstuffing this block of text with keywords, as you don’t want your profile to look spammy. Think about your posts’ captions—these should be your catchy taglines. Once you refine these, you’re ready to go!

Post Quality Photos

Of course, businesses want consumers to take them seriously. If users see professional photos on your profile, they’ll likely feel more inclined to follow your account. High-quality images may seem like a small piece of the marketing puzzle, but going the extra mile to deliver compelling photos will pay off in the long run.

Share Your Posts on Other Social Platforms

After you optimize your Instagram account, don’t stop there. Copy the direct links to your posts and share them through Facebook, Twitter, and other favorite platforms. This way, you can successfully drive your fans—regardless of the platforms they’re on—back to your Instagram profile.

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