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Ways to Incorporate Technology in Retail

Ways to Incorporate Technology in Retail

In the new era, digital rules all. Consumers love the ability they now have to shop online anytime, anywhere. They no longer must leave the comfort of their own homes to purchase new items or even leave the home to pick them up. With all the online shopping options out there, it may seem harder than ever to bring customers into your brick-and-mortar retail shop.

Even with the convenience of online retailers, many consumers still want the in-store shopping experience. Even with low-cost shipping or free returns, purchasing clothes online only to have them not fit once delivered is more of a hassle than simply going to a store and trying on the piece before purchasing it. There are still many consumers who want that in-store experience that comes with brick-and-mortar retailers.

Just because there’s a demand for in-store shopping doesn’t mean customers don’t still expect retailers to incorporate technology. Here are a few ways to incorporate technology in retail.

Invest in digital signage

Digital signage is the new technological wave customers expect to find during their in-store shopping experiences. Digital signage can inform customers of sales, new products, specials, and even direct them through the store. Customers benefit from improved interactions, the incorporation of technology, and the ease of information during their shopping experience. The key thing to remember with digital signage is to make sure you place the signs in accessible locations.

Accept digital payments

There are tons of digital payment options popping up for consumers to use. Soon, fewer and fewer customers will carry physical credit cards. It’s already quite rare to stumble upon a customer that pays in cash. Start accepting the major digital payment companies to stay in your customers’ good graces and encourage people to shop at your store. With more payment options, people are more likely to stop by your retail location on impulse.

Digital coupons

Merge your customers’ online shopping experience with their in-store one. Send emails or texts with coupons or discount codes customers can use in-store. This will not only motivate more traffic to enter your store, but it makes customers feel appreciated and reminds them about your store as well. Digital coupons are a great start to creating a cohesive experience online and in-store for your valued customers.

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