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Office Rules That Nobody Told You

Office Rules That Nobody Told You

Even in our more relaxed society, there are still some rules you must follow in the office regardless of who you are. The problem is no one tells you these rules, so you’re running around making a fool of yourself. You might even be that person everyone talks about when you’re not around. To save you from being that person check out these office rules that nobody told you.

Be Wary of What You Pack for Lunch

Respect everyone in the office by keeping your smelly food at home. For example, you may love fish, and other people in your office might love it too, but fish rarely smells good when it’s microwaved. Some other foods to avoid microwaving at work are popcorn, brussels sprouts, and super spicy foods. In addition, be wary of packing foods like peanuts or peanut butter to avoid allergic reactions.

Respect Seniority Unless Otherwise Stated

Even if you and your boss are on good terms, they’re still your boss, so you need to respect their position. On a higher level, if you’re working for a large corporation where the CEO usually stays in their own area, make sure you’re respectful if they do come by you. Remember the basic etiquette rules you learned? Stand up, smile, and shake their hand, but only if they initiate the handshake. If the CEO asks you to give them a high-five and relax, do it. Also, stay with that company—because that’s a cool CEO.

Sometimes You’ll Have to Ask for Feedback

Younger generations, such as Gen Z, highly value feedback directly from their manager. If this job is your first out of college, you’re probably considered Gen Z or Gen X, also known as millennials. Regardless, feedback doesn’t flow naturally in most organizations, especially if the organization is run by older generations. So, if you feel like you need feedback, just ask; your boss will be glad you did, because it shows you care about your work and you want to improve.

Don’t Walk Away From a Broken Printer

There’s nothing worse than walking up to the printer to grab your documents just to find that somebody left a paper jam. To avoid being the person who leaves the printer broken or paperless, check out this guide to office printing etiquette.

Regardless of how long you’ve worked in an office, these office rules that nobody told you apply to everyone—even the CEO. However, if you just break down all these rules, they really come down to this: just be a decent person that’s easy to work with and you’ll be fine.

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