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How to Host a Successful Virtual Graduation Party

How to Host a Successful Virtual Graduation Party

A virtual graduation party is not what your beloved graduate had in mind. That said, there are ways you can make their graduation surprisingly special during this pandemic. To learn how to plan a great day, here’s a guide on how to host a successful virtual graduation party.

Plan a Day of Stories

With a virtual graduation party, your graduate may not have the privilege to see and talk to the people they envisioned. Though they can’t physically celebrate with their loved ones, that doesn’t mean their friends and family cannot still be present. Organize a video call with everyone involved and share stories about the graduate as they go through this big transition in their life. Recall their early life, how they’ve grown, and why you’re proud of them for their accomplishment. You can even be creative with games centered around the graduate if you’d like.

Make Space for Individualized Graduate Chats

Another note—be sure to make time for everyone to talk with the graduate. If you organize the party, carve out specific periods for the graduate to talk to different “party-goers” individually. The downside of video calling is that only one person can talk at once, but if you allow for this one-on-one time, your graduate will really appreciate it.

Buy a Quality Gift

Also, to host a successful virtual graduation, you should still give a thoughtful gift. The power you have to ship your gift—whether handmade or from their online wish list—counteracts your distance during this time. Of course, there are specific gifts for different types of graduates. The perfect gifts to give a police academy graduate, for example, differ from those that someone finishing their undergraduate degree would appreciate. When buying your gift, don’t be afraid to ask those they’re living with for ideas. They have, after all, spent almost every waking hour with the graduate—they should have some good leads on potential gifts.

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