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The Different Types of Signs for Your Business

The Different Types of Signs for Your Business

Signs are an integral part of every business. They’re one of the best methods of communicating with your customers, with various types of signs serving different purposes for your business. Check out the different types of signs for your business to learn which ones your company could benefit from.

Directory signs

Signs that guide your customers both to your store and within your store are directory signs. These types of signs allow customers to easily navigate your store. It also includes signs that detail the location of every shop in a mall or strip mall where your shop is located and signs that help customers to find the department or service they’re looking for inside the store. A great example of a directory sign is a large sign indicating the location of the check-out counters. These are most useful in grocery stores, convenience stores, shops within a mall or strip mall, and large department or wholesale stores.

Logo signs

Logo signs display your store’s logo. These help your customers to identify your shop and see it from a distance. For this reason, they should be large and easy to recognize. Many businesses decide to use plexiglass logo signs because they are easy to work with and affordable. Logo signs should be distinct and identifiable because they help to solidify your brand personality. This allows customers to connect and interact with your brand more, leading to an increase in brand loyalty and, ultimately, higher profits.

Informational signs

Signs that inform customers about an important happening within the store are called informational signs. A prime example of an informational sign is one placed in a metal sign holder that tells customers about a sale or promotion your store is currently holding. These need to be attention grabbers because they are timely, important, and directly benefit the consumer. The best time to use them is during sales, promotions, and other important store-based events.

There are plenty of different types of signs for your business to choose from that can benefit your customers, and ultimately, your company. To decide which signs are worth your investment, create a budget for signage, and then prioritize which ones would be most beneficial to your business model and brand personality.

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