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Valuable Techniques for Conducting an Interview


The time comes in every business’s life cycle when it must grow in order to flourish. If you run your own business and you’re used to working on your own, this can be a strange idea, and you might not know how to start. Interviewing potential candidates to bring into the fold can be just as nerve-wracking for the interviewer as it is for the interviewee. To help you through this strange period of growth, we’ve got some valuable techniques for conducting an interview to help you find the right applicant.

Prepare the Right Questions in Advance

While Googling “interview questions you should ask” might get you started, you won’t truly know if someone is a good fit for the job until you ask the right questions. They should be specifically tailored to the position, whether they’re for technical hires, warehouse workers, or managers. Questions should be open-ended enough to allow the candidate to give a unique answer. Don’t ask questions that only have one right answer.

Keep the Tone Conversational, Not Interrogative

You want to get a feel for who this person really is, not the façade they put up for interviews. If you can keep the pressure low and show genuine interest in their answers, the interview will go much smoother for both of you. Try to build a relationship with them early on, ask personal questions where appropriate, and keep your tone relaxed. You’ll get much more honest answers by being accommodating, rather than mercilessly grilling them.

Ask Them To Explain Their Resume

While an applicant’s resume is important, there’s only so much they can include before it gets long-winded. If a trait or experience catches your attention as something applicable to your position, ask them to expound on it. You’ll be surprised how often important details can be left out of someone’s resume until you ask them.

Don’t Be Afraid of Silence

One of the more subtle techniques for conducting an interview is to allow silence to linger between you and the candidate. This may seem strange, but allowing yourself time to write notes or consider your next question is crucial to getting the information you need. Allowing the candidate to take some time to consider their answer is also useful; it gives them the opportunity to more clearly explain themselves.

While interviews can seem like a pain sometimes, they’re an essential part of growing a business. Whether you just started or are looking for your hundredth employee, keeping these tips in mind will allow you to find exactly who you need.

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